2014 Writing Contest

The History of Mathematics Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America is pleased to announce its eleventh annual Student Paper Contest in the History of Mathematics. The contest is open to all undergraduate students.  Papers will be judged by a panel of specialists for content, originality, and presentation.  Submissions must be received by March 19, 2014

Winners will receive a one-year student membership in the MAA and the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics. The MAA membership includes a one-year electronic subscription to all five of the MAA’s journals. Winners will also receive a book prize.

Submissions and questions can be directed to Dr. Dominic Klyve (klyved@cwu.edu)

Submission Guidelines and Deadlines
•             Topics can be drawn from any field of mathematics.
•             Papers can address a single person or topic, or be an historical survey of a topic or school of thought.
•             Submissions should be approximately 5000 words in length
•             Submissions should be in a single PDF file, including a cover page with title, name, school and full contact information.
•             Papers should include a full citation list.
•             Papers should not draw too heavily from web sources.
•             Submissions should include a cover sheet including: the authors’ name and institution, the paper’s title, the supervising instructor if applicable, and email and permanent postal address.
•             Students submitting a paper need not be currently taking a history of mathematics course.
•             Single-authored papers only please.

The papers of past winners are available in the Archive section.