Officers (Year of Election)

  • Chair: Daniel Otero, Xavier University, otero@xavier.edu (2013)
  • Past Chair: Robert Bradley, Adelphi University, bradley@adelphi.edu (2013)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Larry D’Antonio, Ramapo College, ldant@ramapo.edu (2013)
  • Program Coordinator: Amy Shell-Gellasch, Montgomery College, Amy.Shell-Gellasch@montgomerycollege.edu (2013)
  • Prize Coordinator: Herbert Kasube, Bradley University, hkasube@bradley.edu (2011)
  • Electronic Resources Coordinator: Scott Guthery, sbg@acw.com (2013)


The annual HOM SIGMAA membership fee for MAA members is $12. The MAA membership form has a check-off box for HOM SIGMAA, and we ask you to check this box when you pay your annual MAA membership fees. If you have already joined or renewed for 2013, please contact the MAA at (800) 331-1622 and ask to join HOM SIGMAA.